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Wi-Fi System – Does it needs improvement?

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As the world is becoming small with more usage of internet, companies setup Wi-Fi system in their campus to have ready available of internet for their employee, guest.

With these Wi-Fi systems the campus of the company gets converted into work area. You can work while you are taking a cup of coffee in cafeteria. You don’t have to bother about the mail; because you can connect your Smartphone’s to Wi-Fi system and access them at any place. Vendor or visitors can access internet through the wi-fi system.

One survey was done to check the Wi-Fi status in upper management circle. Some of surprising things can be observed from this survey.

10% of companies don’t have Wi-Fi network.

Like companies are very careful while delegating the wi-fi access. They don’t want any other person to go into their network. One more thing which we need to understand is that, they feel it is not that secure to provide access.

25% companies have secured wi-fi network.

Companies provide guest access with secured authentication. For guest access as well you need to authenticate your self.

5% of companies don’t provide guest access

These companies have wi-fi but they don’t provide guest access. This means not guest or not secured authenticated network for the outsider.

These were problem with the older wi-fi system. The re-new Wi-Fi system can have separate guest network, which will be separated from corporate network. The mobile device are more ‘aggressive’ in usage of wi-fi system, rather than laptop.  In the university campus it is like one particular video needed to be accessed by many students. As the Wi-Fi system is not intelligent system, it goes to access each and every request.

Wi-Fi companies are working on these area, wi-fi is not just a wireless connectivity it has become more than that.

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