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Why IE losing markets share?

Posted in General with tags , , , , , , , on November 5, 2011 by DBAWork

IE can no longer entitlement more than half of the web’s transportation, as of October, completion more than a decade era of the default Microsoft browser’s reign.

Safari’s hold on 62.17% of traveling traffic has reduced IE’s largely share of web surfing, even though still ask for 52.63% of desktop transportation, according to

The IE’s shrinking share (49.6%) echoes its near nonexistence from the realms of mobile and tablet, which now make up 6% of web transportation. Still, probabilities are, you gave up on IE long enough ago that this landmark makes you more probing as to who actually still uses the browser.

Does this mean the termination of IE as we discern it? Not at all. As specified, straight with it tumbling under the intermediate point in terms of norm, at 49.58 percent of the market share, IE still holds further users than the other listed browsers. According to the report from NetMarketShare, via, Internet Explorer’s two major challengers, Firefox and Chrome, have a collective market share of 37.8 percent. It’s only after you sum in the stretch of Safari, Opera and the ubiquitous other browser (8.54%, 1.49%, and 2.59%), does the entire figure conceal IE’s share.

As of Oct, Firefox is the subsequent further most widespread web browser, counting for 21.20% of traffic, charted by Google Chrome and Safari, which account for 16.60% and 8.72% individually.

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