Professional Summary:

IBM DB2 Advance DBA for LUW          — DB2 Universal Database V8.1 Family 700

–       DB2 Universal Database V8.1 Family 701

–       DB2 Universal Database V8.1 Family 731

–       DB2 Universal Database V8.1 Family 734

. On site work for three months in USA Boston (MA).

. Working as Advance DB2 / BCU support engineer for last one year, IBM

. Successfully implemented database re-structure. Review of index and primary constraint.

. Worked as DBA for a Bharti Project ( Partitioned database, Size of Database 60 TB ).

. Worked on Development and Production environment in Reflexis.

. Benchmarking of Database for Reflexis  product.

. Replication of database in DB2 and Oracle Database.

· 9+ years of experience in IT/S/W field and Development to Implementation and

Support out of which 3 years as System Administrator.

. Experience in SQL2000 database to meet performance goals.

· Linux Implementation.

. Select Queries, Procedures and Functions Tuning.

· Experience in Application Development on SQL, PL/SQL, Visual Basic

6.0,  ASP 3.0, Windows 95/98/NT, Linux, Unix environment .

· Experience in Backup and Recovery methods for crash recovery.  Database   reorganization and

Tuning both at application and database level. Creating schema objects, space management.

· Experience in Software development and implementation in area of

Financial, Manufacturing and Payroll applications.

· Experience in writing & running shell scripts.

. Setup HADR using db2 tool db2haicu


Computer Skills: –

ü  SAP Functional :                                          MM Module

ü  Languages known:                                      FoxPro, Visual Basic 6

ü  Languages networking:                             TCP/IP, LAN, DNS, NFS, FTP, PPP and                SMPT

ü  Internet Tools:                                              HTML

ü  Packages: MS –                                              Office 2000 (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) With MS – Project, Adobe Photo Shop 6.0, Flash

ü  DBMS & RDBMS:                               IBM DB2 8.1 (Fix pack 10), FoxPro 2.6, MS-Access, and SQL 2000 Sever.

ü  Front End:                                                      Visual Basic 6, Visual Fox-Pro 8.0

ü  Operating Systems:                                     Windows98, Windows-NT, Solaris 10 (Got training Only.), Red Hat Linux ES (Implementation).

ü  Application Server:                                      Webshpare, Weblogic, GlassFish ( SUN application server)


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