World will go back to analog age

As we know the digital equipments can hold only zero and one, which makes boundaries for its working in computer. Since the flash drive and RAM can’t hold the data after power failure, we need to let server come back to normal state. We can’t think of starting working when we have shutdown the system. Because of this ram and hard disk the computer are bulky in size.
Now there is a good news, a revolutionary news which will make your computer to fit in your pocket, still it will run 10 to 20 times faster than what we have. We don’t need to restart the computer after the computer is shut down because of some power failure. The technology we are talking about is very chip.

It is called as Memristor.

This is analog device. It can remember how much current has passed thought it. And by alternating the amount of current that passes through it, a memristor can also become a one-element circuit component with unique properties. Most notably, it can save its electronic state even when the current is turned off, making it a great candidate to replace today’s flash memory.

Memristors will tentatively be cheaper and far quicker than flash memory, and allow far superior memory densities. They could also substitute RAM chips as we know them, so that, after you turn off your workstation, it will remember accurately what it was doing when you turn it back on, and return to work immediately. This lowering of cost and consolidating of components may lead to inexpensive, solid-state computers that fit in your pocket and run many times quicker than today’s PCs.
In the future the memristor could spawn a whole new type of workstation, thanks to its capability to remember a range of electrical states rather than the one-dimensional “on” and “off” states that today’s digital processors be acquainted with. By operational with a dynamic range of data states in an analog mode, memristor-based computers could be proficient of far more difficult tasks than just shuttling ones and zeroes around.
Researchers say that no real barricade prevents implementing the memristor in circuitry straight away. But it’s up to the business side to push products through to business reality. Memristors made to replace flash memory (at a lower cost and lower power utilization) will likely appear first; HP’s goal is to offer them by 2012. Beyond that, memristors will likely swap both DRAM and hard disks in the 2014-to-2016 time outline. As for memristor-based analog computer, that step may acquire 20-plus years.

As this going to affect the every part of system, it will affect the database as well.

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6 Responses to “World will go back to analog age”

  1. Sai Mukkasa Says:

    Wow…the Memristors very chip will replace boz of less cost, size, Low Power and speed 10 to 20 times faster than current PC…. Will rock the market….. having said that the database used under this setup will rock………..

  2. Santosh Kulkarni Says:

    Is this technology, is also work for failure in battery of raild controller also?
    because we face this problem in our DELL 2950 server.

  3. Amit Ingole Says:

    Looks promising and revolutionary technology ..!
    I really excited to know what changes will happen in database side after arrival of Memristor in market.

    DBAWorks is a company which always comes with new ideas.
    This is very nice and trusted company, we have done some work with this remote database support and service company.

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