SQL Server 2008 – New Features

Transparent Data Encryption

Empower encryption of an complete database, data files, or log files, without the requisite for application deviations. Benefits of this include: Search encrypted data using both range and fuzzy searches, exploration secure data from unapproved users, and data encryption without any mandatory variations in existing applications

Extensible Key Management

SQL Server 2005 provides a wide-ranging solution for encryption and key managing. SQL Server 2008 transports an exceptional solution to this increasing need by supporting third-party key management and HSM merchandises.


Craft and manage inspecting via DDL, while simplifying acquiescence by providing more comprehensive data auditing. This enables establishments to answer common questions, such as, “What data was recovered?”

Improved Database Mirroring

SQL Server 2008 builds on SQL Server 2005 by providing a supplementary trustworthy platform that has enriched database mirroring, including spontaneous page repair, enhanced performance, and improved supportability.

Automatic Recovery of Data Pages

SQL Server 2008 enables the foremost and mirror machines to evidently recover from 823/824 types of data page miscalculations by requesting a fresh copy of the suspect page from the mirroring partner transparently to end users and applications.

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